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Our advanced solutions are designed to propel your research to new heights. By harnessing the latest technologies and methodologies, we empower scientists and researchers to navigate the complex world of biological data analysis with ease.

From data preprocessing and quality control to comprehensive analysis and visualization, our workflows streamline the entire process, saving you time and effort while delivering accurate and reliable results.

Advantages for Your Business:

Scalability: Develop pipelines that can handle large-scale and complex datasets, enabling efficient analysis of big data in bioinformatics.
Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and processes within the pipeline to save time and minimize human error.
Customizability: Tailor pipelines to meet specific research requirements, allowing researchers to focus on their unique scientific goals.
Data Quality Control: Implement quality control measures to ensure the integrity and accuracy of input data, improving the reliability of downstream analyses.
Efficiency: Optimize pipeline performance to reduce computational time and resource utilization, enabling faster data analysis and hypothesis testing.
Visualization: Incorporate data visualization capabilities into the pipeline, facilitating the interpretation and exploration of complex biological data.
Reproducibility: Ensure reproducibility of results by implementing pipelines with version control and documentation, facilitating scientific rigor and collaboration.
Accessibility: Develop user-friendly interfaces and documentation to make the pipeline accessible to researchers with varying levels of bioinformatics expertise.
Data Privacy: Ensure data privacy and compliance with regulations by implementing proper data anonymization and encryption techniques within the pipeline.
Resource Optimization: Optimize resource usage, such as memory and CPU, to maximize efficiency and reduce computational costs associated with running the pipeline.
Workflow Monitoring: Develop monitoring features to track the progress of pipeline execution, providing real-time insights and enhancing pipeline management.
Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among researchers by enabling data sharing, workflow sharing, and version control within the pipeline.

We are breaking down barriers:

Example Problems

Our Custom Solutions

Pipelines Development 3-1

  • We found a community pipeline that would be great for us, but it needs some adjustments for our research.
  • Custom pipelines development
    • Industry standard bioinformatics toolchain selection
    • Preliminary results interpretation answering specific scientific questions
    • Comprehensive visual reporting
  • Migrating legacy in-house workflows to modern cloud-friendly frameworks
  • Open source pipelines adaptation from sources like nf-core

Deployment in Various Environments 2-2

  • Those pipelines are too slow on our local machines, and it is hard to assure reproducibility.
  • Continuous integration and delivery setup
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Support for multiple platforms without pipeline modifications
    • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
    • HPC
    • Kubernetes
    • On premise
    • Local

Automation  1-1

  • Our bioinformaticians are running the same pipelines repeatedly and waste their time on manual triggers. It also introduces human error.
  • Automatic pipeline triggers
    • Periodic runs
    • Triggered when input data is present
  • Past runs history exploration via GUI
  • Results reproducibility
  • Easy pipeline execution via GUI
  • Easy results exploration in S3 or by generated report

Results Management  4

  • Our results live in many different places. it takes ages to track results’ provenance.
  • Auto upload to final storage
  • Unified results structure
  • Execution report with resource utilization
  • Execution timeline
  • Results with detailed execution metadata (workflow versions, bioinformatics tools versions, docker container tags, etc.)

What Distinguishes Us:

  • A holistic approach supported by software developers in conjunction with bioinformaticians and data scientists
  • International network of collaborators
  • Partnerships with key technology enablers: Seqera Labs (Nextflow creators and developers), AWS
  • Contribution to the open-source pipeline communities,
    nf-core and OpenPipelines
  • Best practices established over more than 6 years of experience
  • More than 35 successful projects completed
  • About 20 Nextflow developers on board.

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