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🏆 We have a record! 🏆


Together we have covered the length of theEarth's radius ( 6,371 km) 💪💪💪

  • On average, each participant covered 32,62 kilometers!
  • The participants were professional athletes, and ordinary people, doctors, and oncology patients.
  • The longest distance covered by 1 person was 304km, and the shortest was 0.57km. Each one makes a difference! 
💜 Thanks for your participation in ONCOactive Days!
For your commitment and perseverance!Each participant will receive as a Christmas 🎁 the promised e-book "ONCOdecalogue of Activities" with inspiration for further sports, mental, and social activities! Thanks to our joint efforts, this book will also go to cancer patients and their loved ones, and people who want to actively prevent cancer.
Thank you!!! And see you next year!
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Let's Be on the Move for Health!

In celebration of the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ardigen together with the initiated by the Ardigen employees CODE AGAINST CANCER community invites you to spend your time actively - for health! 

This year, as part of our contribution to oncology education, we are releasing another book in our ONCOdecalogue series. This time it touches upon activity and its role in cancer prevention, treatment, and recovery. Register your participation in the form below and get more information about the event.

Let's beat the Earth's radius together and dedicate our efforts to cancer patients!

Every ONCOactive Days participant receives free access to the e-book "ONCOdecalogue of Activity"! 


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Activity, Community, Empathy! Forward Together!

Being together and supporting each other are the values we appreciate. That is why we exercise not only to take care of our body and mind - but also to support small and big patients. Let us now slow down and take care of our health and the people around us!

We call on everyone dedicated to such ideals to help us cover the distance equal to the Earth's radius. You can do it in any manner you'd like - but in a non-motorized way. Join us and dedicate your time to those who need your support! 

How to join the action? It's simple! Fill in the registration form above. We will share all the necessary information regarding the event to the provided email address.

From October 20 to October 25, you can also share with us the distance you have covered. That way, we can add it to the results of others. Can we make it happen? Only with your participation!

On October 26 we will announce the final results - and then, a celebration awaits! 

ONCOactive Days Goals - or Why Is It Worthwhile?

Our ultimate goal is to support cancer patients and provide people with knowledge regarding cancer prevention. We are committed to:

  • motivating as many people as possible;

thinking of them and actively caring for their health;

preventing cancer;

supporting treatment and recovery processes.


Why is Your Participation in ONCOactive Days so Important?


Code Against Cancer is a community working on cutting-edge cancer therapies based on artificial intelligence. However, at the same time, we want to support the patients who already need help. In our daily lives, we also make time to take care of our own and our loved ones' health.

We promote preventive health care. With mutual support, it is much easier to take part in great activities. Feel invited to join us to spend time on interesting things - and if there is a bigger picture behind the joy, all the better!

We invite you, your friends, and your loved ones to act on someone else's behalf.

Today, We Dedicate This Event to Our Colleague - Jacek Kuchta! 

He is our colleague from Ardigen. As an excellent Software Engineer, he constantly works on AI-based cancer therapies. Also, as an active member of the Code Against Cancer community, he supports cancer patients.

Jacek Kuchata m
  • Jacek has a disability, and he relies on a wheelchair. He urgently requires support for his daily, challenging, and costly rehabilitation and physiotherapy. This assistance will enable him to lead a pain-free life and continue working with us for the benefit of patients.

    Jacek's approach to his struggle is an enormous source of inspiration for us. His persistent and positive mindset makes him a person who can conquer even the highest peaks. Now, we will prove that being not only a figure of speech. With mutual support, the sky is the limit! 
  • How You Can Help?
    Do you want to support Jacek? Feel free to donate to the moneybox provided below. Any amount is welcome - even a symbolic one. 


The funds for Jacek will be transferred directly to the "Leave Your Trace" Foundation, which will ensure proper donation for his aid.

If you want to deposit for Jack in your currency other than PLN You can do it on this revolut account:
IBAN: LT67 3250 0693 8766 1188
Recipient: Jacek Kuchta

And directly from revolut to revolut here >>>
THANK YOU!!! :) 

ONCODECALOQUES -  Our Books for Patients

Explore our collection of books that offer inspiration and assistance to patients and those interested in oncology prevention.

As part of Code Against Cancer along with the Leave Your Trace Foundation, each year we publish a book, free copies of which are distributed to hospital wards and patients. They all are co-authored by scientists, medical professionals, and mental health experts.

oncodekalog code Against Cancer

 ONCOdecaloque Cookbook  

Easy recipes using anti-cancer superfoods and expert knowledge on nutrition to support cancer patients treatments and prevention process.

Oncodecaloque od emotions

ONCOdecaloque of Emotions

A big book of special therapeutic tales for young patients, their parents and therapists. For working together with difficult emotions.

Zrzut ekranu 2023-10-3 o 19.00.51

ONCOdecaloque of Activity

Conversations with world-renowned athletes, oncologists, and physiotherapists about the role of activity in cancer prevention and treatment.

Earth's Radius - Together for Health!

Breast malignancies are the most common cancers occurring worldwide. They are also the leading cause of death among all oncological diseases.

Globally, an estimated 1.7 million women develop breast cancer each year. It causes the death of more than 500,000 patients. 

To benefit cancer patients, in a joint effort of our international community, we want to cover a distance equal to the Earth's radius - a ray of hope of 6,371 km / 3959 miles.

Join in and help us! :)
ur record from a year ago!

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Onco Active Days Ardigen
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deskorolka kociaki
podziękowania z Suchej beskidzkiej

How do We Aid with ONCOactive Days?

In 2022 we broke the set record and Ardigen funded chemotherapy equipment and stations for the Hospital in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland. In addition, we donated medical equipment for oncology patients at the Home Hospice in Pruszcz Gdański.

This year, we are helping our colleague Jacek. As a reward for your eager participation, you will get a free e-book "ONCOdecalogue of Activities" :)