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Origami Crane - Folding Manual 

Below we present instructions for folding an origami crane. Don't worry! Although it seems tricky at first, practice makes perfect. Take the challenge to fold a thousand cranes to provide yourself with prosperity.

Good luck!


Origami - Its Story and Symbolism

Some say that the origami tradition is rooted in ancient China. Paper figurines were used in various ceremonies and celebrations. In later centuries, the art is said to have arrived on the Japanese islands along with the teachings of Buddhist monks, who used similar paper techniques in their rituals. Others claim that the art of paper folding developed in parallel in both China and Japan.

However, there is no doubt that it was the Japanese who used the paper-folding process as a purely artistic medium. This gave rise to origami as we know it today. One of the most popular origami shapes is the crane (Japanese: 鶴 tsuru), which draws fully from the rich folklore and mythology of that culture.

The Meaning of Origami Crane Through the Cultural Lenses

Japanese mythology depicts the crane as a powerful creature and a bringer of fortune. As a majestic bird that mates for life, it carries the symbolism of longevity and commitment. Crafting a thousand origami cranes is said to bring long life and good fortune to the one who succeeds in the challenge.

With that in mind, we wish you health and commitment in the upcoming New Year. May it be filled with strength and perseverance to enjoy an abundance of success on your path!