AI in Action:

Revolutionizing Biopsy Assessment in Histopathology

Gain Insights Into:

  • The deep learning approach to whole-slide image processing - 
    a transformative shift in the field.
  • Strategies to address and overcome quality challenges in digital pathology.
  • How to construct an efficient and effective pipeline for whole-slide image processing.


Experience the Real-World Application:

  • Witness the transformation of theory into practice.
  • Understand how the construction of an efficient and effective pipeline for whole-slide image processing impacts the field of pathology.


Unravel the complexities of digital pathology in our webinar. Histopathological samples often pose significant challenges for human experts - from large areas to analyze, to subtle signs of disease and quality issues.

Discover how advancements in Biomedical Imaging and Computer Vision are revolutionizing digital tissue acquisition, revealing a wealth of information embedded in images. This webinar is here to guide you through the automatic assessment of whole-slide biopsy images, a fascinating field with immense potential.

Don't miss this opportunity to dive deeper into the intriguing world of digital pathology. Access our webinar today!


Meet our speakers:

Dawid Rymarczyk
Senior Computer Vision Specialist
Dawid, a key member of Ardigen team since 2017, is not just an AI expert but also a visionary leader. While earning his PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision from Jagiellonian University, Kraków, he has become a specialist in analyzing high-content images, digital pathology, protein microarrays, and biomedical imaging.
Moreover, Dawid's proven project leadership has been instrumental in the success of various initiatives at Ardigen, including groundbreaking multimodal fusion projects. His unique approach to integrating chemical structures with raw images, and combining clinical data with raw imagery, sets new standards in the field of AI-driven biotech.
Adriana Borowa
Senior Data Scientist / Computer Vision Specialist
Adriana has been with Ardigen since 2019 and currently is Product Owner of Ardigen’s phenAID platform that enables the identification of small molecule candidates. Her Ph.D. research at Jagiellonian University focused on advancing the field of  biomedical imaging by leveraging AI models. Her scientific work focuses on cutting-edge deep learning algorithms aiming to automate the analysis of High Content Screening images as well as microscopy images of bacteria.
Beyond her current pursuits, Adriana has also contributed to projects in digital pathology and neuron imaging, showcasing her diverse experience and commitment to making meaningful contributions in various domains of life sciences.